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Online Retailers Failing to Meet Mobile Shopping Demand

38% of online purchases were made on tablets and 24% were made on smartphones in 2013, a recent study by Nielson revealed. 95% of purchases were made from the comfort of home.

While people using their tablet or mobile to browse online is nothing new, until recently most shoppers would switch to their desktop before making a purchase. These days, users are trusting brands and devices more, so they feel confident to make transactions through their phone or iPad.

Yet not many companies are meeting this demand in how they design their mobile site for users.

Researchers at UserZoom recently tested four leading fashion brands – Bebe, Guess, Kenneth Cole and White House Black Market (WHBM) – on how well their mobile retail sites worked.

The study looked at how easy it was to gather information on their sites, as well as browse and make a purchase. 200 female shoppers were given a series of tasks to perform and then asked to rate their overall experience.

Each woman agreed that the landing pages were impressive to look at, but that’s as far as the compliments went. 50% of users struggled to find purchasing information and a large percentage found it tricky to discover what a specific product was made from.

When it came to buying, users complained that they were forced to type in too much personal information to complete the purchase. What’s more, none of the four brand sites used in the study were optimised for both Android and Apple devices.

It seems e-commerce have a long way to go to improve their site’s usability for online mobile shopping.