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NSW Government Obliged to Look at Cloud

The NSW government has made it mandatory for departments to consider cloud options when updating their IT systems. According to the regulations they must include cloud-based services in their evaluations for ICT procurements.

The aim of this ruling is to make systems more efficient and more affordable to run. However, additional considerations relating to security must also be considered before any moves to the cloud are made.

According to NSW Minister for Finance and Services Andrew Constance, the time is right to introduce this ruling because cloud computing is the future and NSW intends to be at the head of the move to embrace this new system.

The government has also said that it will be combining two of its data centres within the cloud to provide a larger data service that can provide better coverage.

The Cloud Services Policy has also recognised that there will be an impact on the need for IT staffing when making this move, but it also predicts a rise in demand for other roles like portfolio and program managers.

Source: http://www.zdnet.com/nsw-govt-must-look-at-cloud-for-it-solutions-7000020137/