New Work From Anywhere Initiative Builds on Kiandra’s Flexible Policies

Kiandra - 13/02/2019

Thanks to technology, the world’s workforce has become more flexible. At Kiandra, we have embraced this at every opportunity, and continue to with our new Work from Anywhere Initiative

This new Work from Anywhere Initiative is another layer of flexible. Essentially, it means eligible employees can work from a location for three continuous months.

Our People & Culture Manager Mel says it’s less about working from home or at another office and more about integrating life and work.

“Yes, it’s about flexibility, but it’s more about opening up the opportunity that you can go experience what it’s like living overseas, say Thailand, Bali or New Zealand for a few months, while still working at Kiandra and not having to sacrifice your stability or career.”

We already have a range of Flexible Working Arrangements and policies in place, to support our people to balance their responsibilities. Alternative hours, job share and working from home are all part of that flexibility and this new initiative offers more options.

Cameron Brookes, our Managing Director says offering these alternative working arrangements helps keep the company motivated.

“Throughout our 23 years, we have continued to look for ways to empower everyone at Kiandra to find harmony between work and life,” Cam says.

Last year, our Head of Software, Cassie Wallace, brought in No Meeting Wednesdays. This was not about enforcing a rule, instead about being mindful of unnecessary meetings and scheduling time to be really productive.

“The team would actively rethink the need for a meeting at all (even on other days) and ask for a quick five minute chat to solve a problem or make a decision,” Cass said.

As much as technology drives this, what makes this work at Kiandra is a commitment from our leadership team to acknowledge we have a life outside work, trust our people and productivity doesn’t have to only live inside an office.

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