Microsoft Office is less about the plan and all about the features

As the Microsoft Office product suite continues to grow, so do the options within its plans. The big question that remains – are you using what you’re paying for? Because it’s actually not about the product plan you’re on, it’s all about the features included and which ones you are or not using. 

As a Business Development Manager, I talk to a lot of customers about their current environments, and the one question that will always trip them up is: what office package are you running and why?

Often the first part of the question is easily answered, but rarely both. Over the phone, I can hear typing, no doubt looking up an invoice to see the name or I get an “I’ll get back to you” or even the old stab in the dark “Business Premium?!?” the responses tend to be rather unconvincing. 
It is a maze of Microsoft solutions out there with Business Premium, Business Essentials, Enterprise range with E1, 3, 5 and Pro – now they throw Microsoft365 and yeah, it’s not a rename of Office365 it’s a whole new bag of chips.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a red or blue pill available from a Windows version of Morpheus to help you understand everything included in these products.
At the end of the day, it’s less about the name of the plan you are on and more about the features and functions you are utilising and entitled to within the plan. Understanding these features is the key to getting the most out of Microsoft Office.
It’s not uncommon we hear that a customer is subscribed to another product they didn’t know they were entitled to within the Office bundle. It may not be exactly the same, and have less features but the way you’re using it might be – so why not compare, you might see yourself saving the company money with a few simple projects.
The areas we see spent without consideration to what has already been paid for:
  • Collaboration tools
  • Information protection
  • Threat protection
  • AD integration
  • Analytic tools
  • Litigation hold and archive storage
  • Application management
  • MFA
  • Mail filtering

If you are looking at any of the above areas, it might be time to have a chat and let Microsoft work for you instead of sitting idly in the background. Feel free to email me directly or fill out a Contact Us form to discuss whether you’re getting everything, and the right things, out of your products.