MFA is the new normal in security

By now you’ve probably encountered prompts to register a secondary email, phone number or security question when signing into an account. Many platforms already employ this like MyGov where they text you a code in order to access the system after you’ve entered a password.

This is Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and it is the new normal in security to further padlock information.

But it’s not just personal accounts adopting the MFA process – organisations are now recognising it as one of the most effective controls they can implement to prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive data via a vulnerable device or network.  
Passwords are unfortunately, are not as effective as they used to be and trust in them is weaning. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

The benefits of MFA for companies are pretty clear, added security, minimise vulnerabilities, improve productivity and comply with regulations, i.e. MDB and GDPR. Essentially it helps companies prevent any unauthorised access to data through their weakest link, passwords.

Of course, if the door is left open to hackers due to vulnerable systems, organisations face hefty fines of up to 1.8 million, reputational damage or contribute to the $4.5bn annual cost of cybercrime to the Australian economy.

A big challenge for organisations right now are mobile devices or remote access. Nearly every organisation in the world requires this level of access, however, 95 per cent of IT departments admit the primary obstacle to increased user mobility in their organization is security concerns. This is something that could be alleviated pursing an MFA option.

Whenever we perform a Penetration Test, the first thing we recommend is to put in an MFA system if it doesn’t exist. It will prevent a lot of risk if an employee for example loses a mobile devices or logs in to corporate systems from untrusted systems like an internet cafĂ©, library or hotel devices.

The password era is over, it’s time to level up. We can provide MFA across multiple client applications and services to ensure you don’t become part of a staggering statistic, get in touch today.