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Managing the Manager

I recently attended a VECCI day course called Managing the Manager, a program directed at Personal Assistants and Office Assistants.  With being the office “go to” person, my role has a wide range of responsibilities and can often be very demanding.  The course program covered dealing with stress and difficult situations, assertive communication, time management, personal effectiveness and managing up.

This course taught me how to make subtle adjustments in my work style to help me make the management team’s jobs easier – which in turn makes my job more efficient and effective.

I learnt some handy tips on how to see the world from our various managers’ perspectives. This has enabled me to easily identify their different work styles and communication preferences to ensure I am adapting to best suit the task at hand.

I found it particularly interesting to hear from other attendees in the course about their roles and challenges. I picked up some great advice, tips and learned from the personal experiences of other people with similar roles and responsibilities.

The course was incredibly valuable and I have been able to implement many of the learnings in my day to day job….without the management team realising that I’m actually managing them!