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Maintaining Security with Enterprise Apps

It’s now become possible to use your phone for practically everything, from booking a dinner table to getting directions to the restaurant. For businesses this raises some significant challenges in the design of their business apps, especially in recreating the user experience people have come to expect while also maintaining security levels.

Enterprise apps now need to be developed at a fast rate to meet with demand. They also can put a strain on storage space, power and security requirements. This has meant incorporating apps and the cloud together has been a natural fit, explained Cathal McGloin in Wired.

With the integration of cloud and mobile does come some issues. In particular, the scaling required to meet the demands of a high number of users as more people connect from a mobile app. The capabilities of the back end systems the apps are connecting into also need to be considered. Thirdly, important corporate data stored in the cloud needs to be protected.

McGloin believes that despite these challenges the future is cloud-based mobile application platforms. He explained that with the aid of up-to-date, open toolkits and efficient software development the issues associated with integration of business mobile apps and the cloud can be overcome.

Source: http://www.wired.com/insights/2013/08/enterprise-mobile-apps-old-school-new-rules/