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Kiandra’s Top Picks for Technology Blogs

For updates and tips on the technology world – from the latest industry news to in-depth explanations on bespoke development – there’s some great blogs out there (the K-blog included of course)! We asked our team what their favourite tech blogs to read are and why. Here’s the sites that made the cut with our IT experts.

Hacker News

Hacker News is a minimal tech site that aggregates and links to source articles. It also acts as a forum for users to ask questions and share any work they’ve developed. Users can submit articles and often the comments contain a great deal of value – obvious trolling aside. As an aggregator Hacker News is closest to the original source and picks up on news before a lot of the other bigger tech sites.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica is a US news and information website with a technology focus. The quality of journalism on this site is high, with articles that are well-researched, in-depth and well-explained. They’ll also take the nuanced and detailed approach to a topic, rather than write an inflammatory, sensationalist piece. The end results are thought-provoking articles with a considered description of what’s actually going on.

Los Techies

Los Techies have some excellent posts focussed on JavaScript, Node Development and .NET….amongst some other more random posts. Contributor Jimmy Bogard in particular  shares some interesting ideas on .NET and bespoke development, which have helped inspire some of our own team in their work.


For anything and everything Android and Google eco-system related, Phandroid is our go to site.

Tech Crunch

This well-known site is very up to date on new digital products, ventures and trends. Tech Crunch is a great place to catch on the latest news in the tech world.


Another site with good coverage of new tech products on the market and industry news. Mashable also shares content on a lot more general news topics, billing itself as the leading news source for the “Connected Generation”.


Simply put, this site is awesome. Popular among our team, Wired has a lot of in-depth stories about tech trends in a wide range of areas. It’s a solid choice where you can expect to find articles on technology, online security and the internet that go beyond the surface for an interesting read.

The Verge

The Verge has a bit of everything – tech, design, culture. The writers here won’t simply rehash what’s already being said online, but take the time to add some extra depth and back up their opinions. It’s a good site to get the news we’re interested in reading.