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Kiandra launches developer series

This morning Kiandra held its first developer specific breakfast seminar, featuring Alex Mackey presenting on some of the great new features in the Visual Studio 2012 IDE as well as his top feature picks from across the release.

Our next developer event is slated for early next year and focusses on “NServiceBus – What it is and what it can do for you”.

Attendees will hear from guest speaker Jim Pelletier, who depending on the day of the week, is a developer, architect, consultant and trainer. He specialises in designing and building distributed asynchronous messaging systems, loves NServiceBus and believes strongly in a hands on approach to system architecture and design.

Jim’s session will take you on a tour of NServiceBus’s API and philosophy while highlighting the benefits it will provide to your system and the ways it can improve your team’s productivity. Most importantly it will include a couple of warnings on some of the hidden traps and weak areas from someone who has made these mistakes before, so you don’t have to.

Full details to be provided over the coming weeks. Register your interest to receive further info when available by clicking here