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Kiandra Hosts Summer Intern Program

12 months ago Kiandra IT announced its Graduate Program in conjunction with Swinburne University of Technology and the Swinburne Software Innovation Lab. After careful preparations and selection processes Kiandra IT hosted 5 students for our summer intern program. The students received a warm welcome at their induction and spent three months working on an exciting Swinburne Software Innovation lab research project named Rappt. Rappt is a project that aims to bootstrap mobile application development, an alpha version of which is now available at http://rappt.io/. This version will soon be updated with the new and improved version built by the interns during the program. The new version includes exciting new features, like a visual modelling language as well as a much improved user experience and improved quality. To learn more about the Rappt project you can watch this YouTube video. All involved in the program agree it was a great success, with both mentors and mentees gaining many valuable learnings. Not to mention the program delivered cutting edge, working software. Kiandra looks forward to the 2015 graduate program and next summer’s new batch of interns!