Kiandra Hosts International Cuisine Day

Tony Lotay
Being an absolute foodie, I can’t think of anything better than having a day entirely dedicated to food. On Monday, that day came, and we hosted international food from different origins in the Kiandra café.

In our busy life and deadline-oriented schedule, it’s easy to forget that working in a modern day workplace means we have people from different cultural, geographical and historical backgrounds working with us.

Everybody has their own festivals, cultural values, heritage and favourite food. But how often do we get to share this amazing experience with each other? A few of us around the office thought about this and decided to organise an “International Cuisine Day” to celebrate our culture of diversity and inclusion.

The idea was to prepare a dish from your culture’s cuisine that is close to your heart and share it with colleagues. The response we got was great and it was nice to see so many cultures around the company represented.
We had a menu full of delicacies from around the world. We picked a Monday for the event to give everyone ample time to create their dish without having to rush after a busy day of work. On the day everyone arrived with their heritage, packed in a box, nicely garnished and appropriately seasoned.

Here’s what we all indulged in:
  • Pączki from Poland.
  • Pizzatenera from Italy
  • Tarte au Sucre from Canada
  • Lamingtons from Australia
  • Chicken Adobo from Philippines
  • Idli+Chutney from India
  • Samosa from India
  • Chicken and potato curry from India
  • Rice Kheer from India
  • Sarson Ka Saag (With Marinated Oven Chicken) from India
  • Palak Paneer from India

The Kiandra Café was fully packed at lunchtime, with all of us eager to explore the authentic taste of all the dishes contributed. The food was obviously my favourite part, but it wasn’t the most important. We also got to swap stories behind the recipes and have conversations with colleagues who sit in a different corner of the office about their origin and discovered more about each other. What I learned, was that we really are not that much different form one another.

Many dishes have different names in different regions but essentially are the combination of the same ingredients much like all of us celebrating diversity and inclusion. All the dishes were exceptional for as they were created by experts at carrying generations of legacy and experience.

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