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Kiandra Hackathon #1: Gesture and Touch

Kiandra will be holding its very first Hackathon this Friday!

We’re incredibly excited to come together in small teams and take part in an exercise that we expect to be fast-paced and require us to collaborate in ways and with people that we may not have before.

The theme for Hackathon #1 is Gesture and Touch, within which we’ve identified five small but innovative projects. We’ll be working with Microsoft Kinect and Surface devices, and are delighted to have received a LEAP Motion device (capable of detecting gestures and motion with sub-millimetre precision) and currently only available to developers by application. Check out the AMAZING video!

We’ll be tweeting all the live action from the event using the hashtag #KiandraHacks and will follow the event up with a blog post or two.

We’re planning on opening these Hackathons up to the wider development community in the not-too-distant future — stay tuned for more soon!

Hackathon #1 - Gesture and Touch