Social consciousness is becoming more evident and more accessible in the workplace these days. Nearly every corporation and organisation has a ‘Corporate Involvement’ option — employees are being encouraged to share their individual charitable pursuits amongst their colleagues, and diversity is being celebrated. Prompted by a call out from Bianca Pickett (Head of People and Culture) in May, several members of the Kiandra team got together and founded the Kiandra Community Committee (KCC).

During our inaugural meeting in June, we each discussed our own personal values and shared what causes we felt passionately about. Together, we decided to align with the BCorp Industry standards — Governance, Employees, Community and Environment — as they encapsulated what we stood for as a group. As the commencement of the KCC coincided with the EOFY17, we decided a good starting point would be mental health and wellbeing. 
For the next three months, Kiandra offered weekly yoga and meditation classes for our employees, which proved to be an excellent stress reliever and physical challenge. In September, we celebrated RUOKDAY by having a Kiandra family lunch in the kitchen. The day focused on togetherness and it was lovely to see so many employees making an effort and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Another goal was to raise awareness of already established resources offered by Kiandra, such as the Kiandra Health Initiative and the Employee Assistance Program.

Ethical buying was big point of interest for the KCC. We felt it was important to focus on locally sourced and eco-friendly products, so with every weekly shop we attempted to find more thoughtful alternatives for our staples (both food and office supplies). We also provided more recycling bins and educated the office about the building’s KeepCups initiative. Our next challenge is the Workplace Achievement Program. We are concentrating on 3/5 focus areas — Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Mental Health/Wellbeing — as we see these as the most vital areas to promote and encourage at Kiandra.

Our overall objective with the KCC is to make a positive impact on the employees and the company culture through education and support. While this will be an ongoing process, it has been great to see progress already being made and we feel hopeful about the KCC’s future.