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Kiandra Community Committee Clothing Drive

Written by Olivia Friedmann, Kiandra Community Committee Member and Administrator

Spring cleaning season is over. Christmas is rapidly approaching. You find yourself with a half-empty closet, a full heart and bags of clothes with nowhere to go. What do you do?

The Kiandra Community Committee (KCC) will be hosting a clothing drive in the hopes of collecting as many items as possible that are suitable for donation. We will be donating these goods to Wear for Success – a local NFP organisation providing second-hand corporate clothing to those less fortunate in order for them to regain the confidence needed to find employment. The KCC feel as though this is a wonderful initiative, and we are so eager to be able to contribute to someone’s sense of pride in themselves.

Wear for Success was founded just 6 years ago, and in that time they have helped over 3,800 people achieve positive outcomes. Those in need of a helping hand include humanitarian migrants, people with mental health issues, indigenous Australians, young people and the long-term unemployed. As well as providing clothing, the organisation focuses on support, training and mentorship, and these are three areas that we at Kiandra value immensely.

The KCC will be collecting clothing from 29 November to 1 December, but we welcome and encourage anyone who is coming into the office to contribute to our collection, as we consider our guests and clients to be a part of the wider Kiandra Community.