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Kiandra Builds Skynet

No, not really. But that would have been awesome. I think. Anyway, the third Hackathon at Kiandra IT was all about building Nodebots. We had the huge honour of having Andrew Fisher of Nodebots Australia fame come in on a Friday afternoon, help us get started with building little robots and then help us out throughout the evening.

The format was pretty simple. Self-organising teams had roughly 4 hours to build a Nodebot that does something. The tools were Arduino boards, lots of accessories (such as speakers, proximity sensors, actuators, solar cells and much more) and a generous serve of geeking. Most of the Software Development team at Kiandra was involved and there was food and beverages to keep the mind going and techno beats to keep the soul happy.

Six teams all up, built vastly different Nodebots and with varying degrees of success. We had a nerf gun with automatic aim and controlled via a web page, a robot playing the Mario theme, a robot driving itself around obstacles, and robots understanding Morse Code signals. And who can forget the beer pumping solar powered Beer-matic 2000.

We ended up with some impressive results and it was like kindergarten where everyone is a winner. In all fairness though, all teams made some really awesome examples of what is possible with enthusiasm, a bit of help and some basic skills of JavaScript and electronics. We canโ€™t wait to see what is on for the next Kiandra Hackathon.

Here’s all the action in pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

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