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K-nights Mix and Match Slides

Our last K-Nights featured an interesting mix of topics – from UXing your software, to busting constraints, and effective time management.

If you missed it – never fear! You can download our speakers awesome presentations below.

UX for Devs
Presented by Juan Ojeda – User Experience Developer, Kiandra IT
These days everybody is talking about “building great UX”, looking for developers with “strong UX skills”, and “UXing their software”. With the emerging field’s influence growing in our industry, it’s important to understand the boundaries, functions and focus of the User Experience Practitioner, and how they can help you build great software. Check out Juan’s presentation here.

Theory of Constraints
Presented by Jim Pelletier, Software Developer, Kiandra IT based on a presentation developed by Alex Mackey, Software Development Lead, Kiandra IT
A brief overview of the theory of constraints, plus a simple example showing how this can be applied to software to increase the velocity of a team. Download Jim and Alex’s presentation here.

Time Management
Presented by Lars Klint, Software Developer, Kiandra IT
There are only so many hours in each day, and to be the most productive and still have the most time for all the others things you enjoy, time management is critical. Lars provides some life saving tips for getting the most out of every day, and having time to do more things than you ever thought possible. Download Lars’ presentation here.

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