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It’s all about communication…

One of the major challenges we face in IT support is asking the right question at the right time. Usually all IT issues can be understood by asking a few standard questions that provide you with a technical picture of the problem.

  • What happened?
  • What was the last thing you did?
  • Did you get an error message
  • What are your contact details?

I’m sure they sound familiar – we have all been there and even Kiandra IT engineers face this when contacting suppliers.

Most often the important question that gets missed is “what impact is this having on you, and how can I assist you the most to get on with your job?”

The importance here is in the removing of assumptions that we, as IT people, may have made when asking the technical questions. It’s vital to get the last piece of the puzzle and gather the information that brings it all together. Feelings.

This approach is relevant to any customer facing situation, in any industry.  It’s about communicating effectively and putting yourself in the customer’s shoes. Sure, they’ve got an issue and a fix is the ultimate goal – but by communicating effectively, and making the journey to a solution as easy as possible we show that we care.

We should all just connect as humans, you need help, I can help you. Let’s get you back in action.