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IT Security Top of Troubles List for Network Managers

The results of a survey by 451 Research show that network managers rank security as their biggest challenge once again. In the past few years outdated equipment has been the biggest concern, but as the economy has strengthened budgets have been available to buy once again.

Now that this problem has been cleared many of the troubles of the IT manager have fallen back into their usual place. Security is once again the biggest worry and the high profile of current hacking attacks has served to strengthen this fear.

Meeting customer expectations, which ranked second last year, is now ranked just tenth. This is likely connected to the ability to buy the right equipment because this enables businesses to meet expectations more readily, explained Research Director Daniel Kennedy.

The budget available to managers has also risen sharply, going from eleventh last year to third in 2013.

Interestingly, the actual process of network management is rated lowest on the list of troubles with only 3% being concerned about this.

Source: http://theinfopro.blogs.451research.com/index.php/2013/08/security-is-the-network-managers-great-pain/