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IT Security Staff Taking Measures Against Attacks

63% of people consider attack by a state-sponsored hacker in the next six months a real possibility, a recent survey revealed. According to CBR Online, 90% of respondents to the survey of IT professionals have put computer protection measures in place to combat such cyber attacks.

Despite this, 36% of those surveyed suggested that their security systems might not be up to scratch and 52% of IT security professionals believe that their staff would struggle to detect intruders on their network.

Lieberman Software CEO Philip Lieberman praised the efforts of the IT security professionals surveyed, saying it was good to see so many businesses implementing protection methods against attacks. He said that overall, 90% of the senior IT security professionals surveyed had put effort into penetration testing and education for its users.

The most common types of security measures computer experts had put in place included end point testing, user training and ethical hacking.

The survey of 200 people revealed that only 1.1% failed to use any kind of security precautions.