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IT Security Must Adapt or Die

Unless traditional IT security infrastructures adapt to meet changes in how businesses run themselves online they’ll quickly start to fail. Changing requirements and risks associated with mobile, information storage, cloud, and social media have all created what Tech Day described as a ‘perfect storm’ for IT security.

A prediction by Gartner warned that, without adapting, IT staff can expect to see 60% of their budget going towards rapid detection and response approaches by 2020. This is compared with the less than 10% that is currently spent on this within IT budgets.

A complete revolution in how information security works is expected by IT professionals. This is in part due to the move towards virtualisation and the ability to access information anywhere, at any time such as the cloud provides. These kinds of technological advances mean traditional security protocols and procedures are outdated.

IT security infrastructures in business must be more adaptive, explained Gartner’s Tom Scholts.