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Is Your Organisation Ready for the Cloud?

Before deciding on using cloud services for data sharing, a number of questions should be considered. These often-overlooked questions can help avoid a slow integration.

  • Are the rules in place to manage data ownership and access authorisation?
  • Are the rules put in place by the agency compatible and/or applicable to the cloud provider?
  • How do the cloud services integrate into the enterprise, and how does it interact with other applications?
  • How will user profiles be set up to manage access permissions, etc?
  • How will trouble ticketing be handled when the problem reaches beyond the scope of an organization’s networks?
  • Can all cloud services be offered in a way that provides the maximum value to each employee?

These questions are important, but are not the only ones that should be addressed. The Federal CIO Council has established a committee to address many of these problems.

In order for cloud to really enhance data sharing and communications within an organisation, a flexible and service-oriented structure must already be in place. Addressing these questions will help organisations achieve this type of structure.

Source: http://gcn.com/Articles/2013/07/02/Overlooked-questions-ask-before-cloud.aspx?Page=2