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Hybrid Setting Itself Up to Be the Cloud of Choice

Cloud adoption relies heavily on reliability, security and management. While cloud computing offers competitive storage compared to on-premise data centres, concerns about security are driving organisations to opt for hybrid cloud applications.

According to Cloud Tweaks, for large companies the decision to go hybrid all depends on a vendor’s ability to offer a comprehensive service that gives an organisation what it requires:


Major vendors have set the bar high in terms of reliability for Infrastructure-as-a-Service, driving the initial growth of cloud computing. Service levels tend to be significantly higher than on-premise data centres.


Many organisations are restricted when it comes to how they store and protect data, especially in healthcare. Sensitive information such as credit card numbers and patient records must be protected at all times. For these organisations, hybrid cloud is the ideal alternative.


Hybrid cloud is harder to monitor as neither cloud service vendors or IT teams are equipped to look after both sides. According to IT expert Vic Nyman, there’s a need for better monitoring tools to be developed to address this management gap and entice big businesses to a hybrid set up.