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How Bad IT Infrastructure is Damaging Your Data

A recent report by Gartner revealed that 60% of employees are having to use their personal devices at work to supplement the lack of technological resources their company offers.

Gartner said that this poor level of infrastructure brings security risks and subsequent costs, which could be as high as $300 per employee each year.

The need for businesses handling data to improve their IT infrastructure has never been more urgent. Recent studies by Amazon.com have shown that companies quick to optimise their server capacity are already seeing savings of up to 50%.

A similar study by CIO showed a 20% drop in costs for firms who applied service level optimisation of applications at the workplace.

Aside from the costs that could be saved, having bad IT infrastructure can cause the following:

Frequent network outages

Enterprises that rely on timely processing of data require good quality and dependable business internet connections. If a network goes down for whatever reason, the effect on timely data and employee efficiency can be huge.

Outdated hardware

When companies fail to invest in the latest technologies, they lose out to the companies that are. Staying in the competition is all about offering your employees the best efficiency.

Data security

Regardless of the size of your company, high security is essential for protecting data. Many small businesses feel that it is only large corporations who get targeted, but this is not the case. Everyone is at risk.