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Holistic Approach to IT Security Necessary for Businesses

A recent survey has identified worrying trends in how corporations are handling evolving security threats, in particular cyber threats.

The survey by the Financial Times/ICSA Boardroom Bellweather revealed that just 21% of respondents have put necessary provisions in place to protect their companies from cyber-attack.

The results of the research have sparked security experts to ask whether companies have the security systems in place to protect their IT infrastructure. As Stephen Midgley commented, a corporation’s cyber security should be more comprehensive than just responding to hacking and other malicious cyber-attacks.

With employees using their own personal devices at work, cyber security provisions need to extend past the firewall. With staff smartphones and tablets having access to sensitive data, a compromised portable device could carry a high security risk for a company’s network.

For IT departments, this poses all kinds of problems and the more personal devices used in a workplace, the more pressure IT departments find themselves under. This kind of problem shows the importance of developing a holistic IT security policy to minimise breaches and keep employees educated.