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Healthcare Sector to Invest Heavily in Cloud Computing

Until now, the healthcare sector has been slow in adopting cloud computing services, in part due to concerns over the protection and security of private data. However, this is set to change with Cloud Times reporting that the healthcare industry is likely to invest $5.4 billion in cloud computing by 2017.

In a study published by MarketsandMarkets, researchers estimated that last year just 4% of total healthcare ventured into cloud, whereas this year it is expected that 20.5% of providers will make the move.

Despite the hesitancy shown by the industry, cloud computing offers a great deal of benefits to doctor’s clinics, hospitals and health clinics needing quick access to large data storage facilities. Healthcare data often needs to be shared globally, which can further burden the healthcare provider and result in long delays for the patient and treatment.

Cloud would dramatically improve these services and speed up operational times, explained Cloud Times.

Other research by MeriTalk estimated that with IT as a Service (ITaaS) healthcare organisations could potentially save $11 billion over the next three years.