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Handy hints and tips compilation

Kiandra sends out bi-monthly newsletter to clients called Advantage.

Advantage is a technology newsletter that shares relevant industry news and trends as well as handy tech tips and tricks.

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The hints and tricks column has proven to be one of the most popular sections of the newsletter – so here is a compilation of our most recent hints and tricks!

Avoid email mishaps!
We’ve all sent an email to a co-worker or client only to notice a major typo or miscalculation after it has left your mailbox – or worse, you’ve sent it to the wrong person.

One way to avoid this is to automatically delay your message sends by a few minutes, so that you always have a chance to react to errors. You can use rules to delay the delivery of all messages by having them held in the Outbox for a specified time after you click Send.

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Save time with pinning
Did you know you can save time looking for programs and opening them from the Start menu by pinning them to your taskbar? To pin a program to your taskbar, click Start, find the program’s icon, right-click the icon, and then click Pin to Taskbar.

From now on it will appear as an icon in your taskbar so you can open it quickly and conveniently. This handy shortcut is only available in Windows 7 and Vista – if you’re still using XP you’re
using an operating system that’s over a decade old – it’s time to upgrade!

Improve security with 2 keys
Ctrl + Alt + Dlt the age-old shortcut for locking your PC or notebook when you step away from your desk and need to ensure your information remains secure (and your co-workers don’t send compromising company-wide emails on your behalf). But did you know there’s an even shorter, shortcut? Try holding down the windows key and “L”.

There you go – locked!

Cropping pictures to a shape
Cropping pictures to a shape – if you have a picture in a word document that you would like to add more emphasis to, you can crop it to a “Shape” and make it stand out.

Simply select your picture by clicking on it, make sure you’re in the “Format” tab, select the “Crop” option (right hand side of the tool bar), then hover over “Crop to Shape” and choose the shape you would like the image to be.

Automatically add holidays to your Outlook 2010 Calendar
On the Tools menu (under File), click Options, click Calendar, and then click Add Holidays – checking the Australia box. Please note for those not in the ACT, NSW or SA you’ll need to remove the Labour Day entry on 1 October. All other major holidays are Australia wide.

Fast track email searching
You need to find an email in Outlook, you enter your search term (for example someone’s name) and Outlook returns hundreds of results including matches where the name appears in parts of the message’s body even though you meant to look for messages from that person. Outlook 2010 makes finding what you want easy by allowing you to enter other criteria to  help narrow your search, such as whether it has an attachment  or that it has a particular category applied. Find out more here

Handy hints for Excel
Courtesy of our partner HP, we’re going to show you four useful tips for Excel 2007 and 2010.

Learn how to take screenshots in Excel; embed Excel charts in Word documents; rearrange rows in Excel by using Word; and ignore paragraph breaks when pasting copy into Excel by clicking here

Accenting with ease
Ever wanted to type the word touché or résumé but couldn’t figure how to easily add an accent to the “e”? The acute accent above the “e” can be generated by holding down the Alt key while typing 138 on the numerical keyboard. There are many other European letters and accents that can be created with the Alt and numeric keys. For example Alt + 133=à. You can experiment with Alt + the numbers 13 and 1-9 to see all the other variations.

Now next time you need to tell people your favourite artist is Céline Dion, you can accent with ease!

Viva la windows key!

Here’s a list of handy shortcuts to make your life a little easier:

Windows key + e – opens a new Explorer Window
Windows key + d – minimises all windows and shows the desktop
Windows key + f – opens Find all Files dialog box
Windows + F1 – opens Windows Help
Windows + l – locks your computer (and requires your password to unlock), handy combination when you’re running off to lunch!