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Hackers Exploit Outdated Java Weakness

Hackers are always on the lookout for ways into systems they can exploit readily and easily. It seems that one such weakness exists in the old Java 6 software, which is no longer supported unless users have a contract with Oracle.

Java 7 saw the bug fixed, but users who are still using Java 6 could be at significant risk and there is no update available to repair the bug.

The exploited weakness exists in the Java Runtime Environment’s 2D sub-component. This weakness can leave users vulnerable to remote attacks that will allow hackers access without permission.

According to Qualys, a security company, around half of Java users are still using Java 6. This means that the level of vulnerability is high and there is a good chance that your systems are at risk.

Thankfully there is a very simple solution and upgrading to Java 7 will protect you from attack.

Source: http://www.scmagazine.com/hackers-eye-new-java-exploits-that-impact-users-who-havent-upgraded/article/309458/