Flexibility is a key factor in work life balance

Flexibility is key to my work life balance. I have school drop off and pick up to manage, along with all the day to day keeping alive tasks – apparently children need to eat.

For me this means working from home, early starts, odd interruptions and a constant battle to get to that 8:30am meeting on a day where picking out socks is a 45 minute task that simply canNOT be rushed.

Working from home gives me the flexibility I need, but it does require a lot of self-discipline and mental health check-ins. I have found a few methods that have helped me manage all this.

First, I prefer to jump on to video chat rather than bounce around instant messages or emails to maintain face to face contact. Music is also a vital instrument. My setup may not be audio file quality, but it’s well above average and gives me a way to relax into my work and a chance to reset.

I am also devoted to martial arts training, which serves on two fronts – I can burn off a bunch of energy and my brain turns off all work for a few hours, even the most stressful times can be pushed aside. 

Splitting my day between home and work is by far the biggest challenge, and has taken a long time to learn. You must be kind to yourself and accept not all days are going to be perfect. Some days I need to work late to make up for distractions – other days the family may need to miss out.

But the real way to maintain balance, coffee and bacon.

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