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Five Ways to Increase Security as a CIO

IT security has been gaining a lot of press recently, highlighting the need for companies to improve their security practices. There’s a variety of threats for a company to consider such as malicious hackers or organised crime scams.

So what steps can you take to increase security as a CIO? Tech Republic offered a few ideas.

1. Determine the risk: Assess the level of risk for each disaster and how it would effect your company. Employ external expertise where you think necessary.

2. Remain calm: With so much news focused on internet risks, discussions on security can often get out of hand. Be a voice of reason and calmly offer precise information. Avoid getting caught up in the hysteria.

3. Highlight the human factor: Rather than send out another warning about employees risking security, run a test that highlights the risks of social engineering.

4. Keep it simple: Avoid complex requirements that need a mass of different passwords and consider using technologies that don’t rely solely on complexity.

5. Execute early: Your security plan will never be perfect, so get something in place quickly and then use frequent testing to improve it. It’s a safer option than waiting another six months while you try to perfect your plan.