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Explorer Reigns Champ on Privacy But Falls Short on Malicious Site Blocking

According to a new study, Internet Explorer (IE) has the leading default privacy settings but falls short when it comes to malware defence.

A study, conducted by Texan security testing firm NSS Labs, revealed that IE offers the best services for enhanced privacy when browsing. The internet browser’s ability to, by default, block privacy-invading cookings showed that its privacy settings are first-rate. By far the greatest initiative was to set the “Do not track” setting to default – stopping websites from tracking online browsing habits.

Unfortunately, while coming out on top in terms of privacy, it ranked the worst in blocking URLs that would lead a user to an infected website. IE’s blocking abilities were recorded as “relatively poor”, blocking just 83% of malicious URLs compared with Firefox’s 96% rate.

The study compared Microsoft’s IE 10, Mozilla’s Firefox 20.0.1, Google’s Chrome 26 and Apple’s Safari 5.1.7.

Source: http://www.crn.com.au/News/351677,ie-good-on-privacy-bad-on-malicious-site-blocking.aspx