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Evidence based software engineering – registrations open!

Software engineering is a field that is highly prone to fads. Development methods, ideas and practices are proposed and (sadly) followed without much evidence to back the claims. In most cases, the proponents present an unvalidated idea without a decent picture of the trade-offs. The new and emerging field of Evidence-based Software Engineering aims to bring a scientific view and validate the fads and ideas. This talk will discuss findings from analysis of software release histories and motivate why it is worth looking at history and what we can learn from it.

Tl;dr the talk will give answers to questions like:

  • If god classes are evil, why do we have so many?
  • Why is software structured fractally?
  • Why do developers resist change? (and what the level of resistance means)
  • How wealth inequality and software system design are closely related — as in communism fails even in software!

Date: Wednesday 30 October
Time: 8 – 9.15am (breakfast will be provided)
Location: Kiandra IT, Level 28, 570 Bourke St
RSVP: by Wednesday 23 October
Speaker: Dr. Rajesh Vasa, Senior Lecturer, Innovation Lead/Solution Architect, Swinburne University of Technology

Please join us to participate in this interactive presentation!

Click here to register and for more information