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Does the Cloud Herald the Death of the In-House Data Centre?

The future of in-house data centres is in question as cloud computing changes the way in which companies handle their IT needs.

Whether or not in-house data centres survive largely comes down to a company’s outlook and requirements, according to Tech Republic. With private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, there is no rule citing that companies must go “all in” when taking on the cloud.

Some companies are concerned that cloud computing comes with risk, and are choosing to stay away from it. Yet by 2018, 30.2% of computer workloads are predicted to be run in the public cloud, and already 38% of businesses have adopted some sort of cloud computing set up.

Like it or not, cloud computing is something that shouldn’t be ignored. New advances that include virtualisation, energy efficiency and networking technology mean the cloud is constantly adding to its benefits for businesses.

Yet cloud doesn’t spell the death of the in-house data centre. Rather, it’ll prompt a rethink of how the data centre is used and operated.