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Demand Drives Need for Better Mobile Security

Canada’s Scotiabank is just one of a number of companies surging towards increased mobility. The Toronto-based bank, which employs 83,000 employees across the globe, first purchased laptops to allow for more flexible working arrangements. It then handed out company-owned BlackBerries to certain personnel and is now setting its sights on other smartphone brands that could help staff achieve their goals more effectively.

It’s a standard process that many large corporations have gone through.

According to Computer World, the approach to securing mobile devices has been standard too. The bank uses mobile device management (MDM) software and employees are asked to sign documents which imply that should a device be misplaced or stolen, all data will be wiped.

While this has been an effective method of mobile security in the past, things are changing. As the demand for mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) grows, so too does the need for increased security policies and technologies.

By using mobile devices as business tools, there must be protection in place that prevents security breaches or loss of information, warned Greg Thompson from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

The mobile security market presents a diversified opportunity for vendors, with dramatic growth expected. Thompson noted that the mobile security software market is still in its infancy, meaning there’s plenty of potential for security solutions to be developed.