Kiandra is pleased to announce the open sourcing of a jQuery UI theme we think you're going to love. We have been using the "Delta" theme for the better part of a year and made the decision to share it with the community. We're hoping this results in plenty of feedback as well as the continued development of the theme. It's free for commercial, personal and educational use as part of the MIT or GPL license.

If anything, we think that this theme can act as a starting point for other smart cookies to create their own visually engaging jQuery UI themes. You can fork this theme over on the GitHub repository.

  • Open source - Free for commercial and personal use alike under an MIT license.
  • Retina ready - The theme makes use of CSS3 gradients and some @2x images to ensure it's retina display friendly.
  • Dark and light friendly - The vibrant colour scheme means "Delta" works on both light and dark backgrounds. Change the toggle in the top right hand corner of the demo to see it in action.
  • OS dependent modals - Close 'x' and button placement inherits from your operating system, using an extra Modernizr test.


Support & Testing:
  • IE7, IE8 & IE9
    But rounded corners and drop shadows will degrade depending on support
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
Did you find an issue? Something not working as expected?
File an issue on the GitHub repository.

View Demo - Go to Repository