Are you abreast of the latest security threats? How much would it actually cost your business if you encountered a security breach? How many days would it take you to resolve an attack?

Download our Cyber Crime in Australia infographic to find out the answers to this and more.

While you can’t stop a hacker you can make it as hard for them as possible. The best way to mitigate these threats is through a multi-layered approach to security, comprising of:
  • Staff awareness training and regular testing (do your staff know what common attacks look like — would they have been fooled by the MYOB or Energy Australia emails? Do they know the latest threats, are they exercising common sense?)
  • Making sure that your I.T team put in place the necessary security controls (intrusion prevention systems, end-point protection, whitelisting and lockdown, networking and email protection, firewalls etc.)
  • Documented and tested incident response policies and procedures for cyber-attacks
  • Penetration testing (a trained professional attacks your systems from a malicious hacker’s perspective, to uncover security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within an environment).

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