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In last week’s Common Sense Security post we looked at some of the general rules of thumb that can help minimise damage.

Today we take a quick look at Client Side Attacks.

Your browser can be one of the biggest weaknesses both in a corporate environment and in a home environment.

To lower your vulnerability it is important to ensure your browser is updated to the latest version and choose the option NOT to save any credentials. Yes I know this is a pain, but if you struggle to remember passwords, utilise something like keepass which with 1 password, will store all of your passwords in a password database encrypted with AES. Just don’t loose the file!

DO use Internet Explorer 9 and utilise the ‘Tracking Protection’ and ‘Webpage Privacy Policy’ these are new security features and are fantastic. They will prevent leakage of data via cookies and saving of information you really do not want anyone to get hold of.

You can find these under Tools>Safety, also block physical location information gathering.

Tomorrow we’ll look at antivirus and password policies.