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Committee believes the UK is losing the war on cybercrime

A panel of lawmakers has suggested that Britain is failing in the battle on cybercrime and is in desperate need of a specialised crime unit to combat the growing problem.

The Home Affairs Committee believes that the unit would encourage banks, companies and institutions to report attempted hacks to help determine the level of cyber crime in the country.

Business Spectator reported that the committee is concerned that companies are failing to report low-level e-crime due to a lack of resources.

The government has agreed that there will be changes to the system currently in place and that a new unified approach will be taken when it comes to cyber crime policing.

The government has also initiated a partnership between online security companies and telecoms as a way to safeguard the country’s defence supply chain against cyberattacks.

Despite these efforts, the committee believes there is a long way to go before the government will see any changes to the levels of cyber crime within the country.

Source: http://www.businessspectator.com.au/news/2013/7/30/technology/uk-losing-war-cybercrime