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Cloud Computing Serving Up a Good Drop of Wine

Computers and wine are two words you wouldn’t normally throw together, but according to The Australian, new-age cloud data might be to thank for your favourite drop.

The traditional art of grape growing is changing and a collection of Tasmanian vignerons are now using technology that allows them greater insight into the crops they are growing. Sensors (shaped like leaves) are being used to monitor the grapes and soil. From the data collected, analysed and stored in the cloud, winemakers are able to learn more about their grapes than ever before.

The Tasmanian experiment comes courtesy of the CSIRO, IBM, the University of Tasmania and the Tasmanian government. For two years, the experiment has used cloud computing to enhance viticulture, but other farm industries are benefiting from the project too, such as dairy and oyster farms.

Matthew Pooley is one of the five grape growers part of the project. He said that it’s been great to tap into live data via the web that tells him information such as leaf wetness, soil moisture, soil temperature, solar radiation and wind speed.

The aim is that a smartphone app will become available soon to make it even easier to monitor grapes.