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Cloud computing proves more energy efficient

The idea that cloud computing is more environmentally friendly has been debated for some time, but according to IT Wire, this might just be true.

Cloud computing data centres tend to be more energy efficient than the more traditional, in-house data centres. Yet the actual energy consumption of cloud data centres has been hard to determine because transmission costs, metric and other overheads all figure into the carbon footprint.

However, a study produced by GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative) and Microsoft showed that cloud computing can dramatically save on energy consumption and environmental damage. So much so that increased cloud usage has the potential to save more than US$2.2 billion a year.

The study concluded that cloud computing is 95% more efficient than traditional methods of computing.

The study examined the energy savings of 11 countries including Brazil, China, Sweden and the UK.

Source: http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/ict-energy-and-sustainability/60908-it%E2%80%99s-official-%E2%80%93-cloud-computing-does-save-energy