Cloud at the Heart of Innovative Working Practices

With technology changing continuously, there is no excuse for not embracing innovative management practices to improve your business.

According to The Guardian, when you open the business pages of a newspaper, there are two kinds of stories you will see featured. The first, a doom and gloom story about a business going under due to the tough economic times, and the second, a story based on the innovative ideas of a company that is seeing their business go from strength to strength.

Every business owner hopes to be in the latter story.

Thanks to cloud-based applications and Web 2.0-based collaboration platforms, businesses are now given the flexibility and resources to quickly get a new idea off the ground. New ideas no longer take the time and preparation they once did.

Cliff Evans, Chief Digital Officer at Capgemini said that key to innovative working practices is the ability to be adaptable and to move with changes in customer needs and technologies. Being able to adapt when new things arise can stop your innovative idea from being lost when the 'next big thing' arrives.
Evans said that the speed of change lies in the availability of cloud services. He explained that IT managers have an important role in both highlighting new technological capabilities and then applying these in ways that will benefit the business and the customer.

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