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Cloud an Important Skill for IT Professionals to Have

The rise of cloud computing has changed the enterprise technology landscape significantly, but also the skills valued in an IT professional.

Not only do applications now live offsite, who buys them and who pays for them has changed too. But most importantly, the skills required by IT technicians has seen the biggest change with the advent of the cloud, ZDNet reported.

Embracing cloud computing means IT professionals are forced to adapt to a much more customer-focused role, as a large chunk of the software maintenance that used to take up a professional’s day is now being handled elsewhere.

According to the CIO of one company who has been on the cloud for a few years, a mix of skills is required. Delano Gordon, CIO of a roofing organisation, explained that the human element of IT support is still important to the running of the business – especially when relating the cloud to onsite systems.