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Cloud Allows Disaster Recovery Rethink

Cloud computing has many benefits and one of the best could potentially be the ability to establish better disaster recovery procedures.

Disaster recovery planning is essential in business because without proper plans you could find yourself losing everything if your network fails. Traditionally backups have served the purpose for disaster recovery, but with the cloud there are potentially better solutions.

Backing data up offsite is a huge benefit because it means that a localised disaster will not affect your business records and online systems. Additionally, the cloud can provide a fail-over server that companies can simply switch to in the event that their primary server fails.

Another benefit of cloud disaster recovery plans is the ability to scale up and scale down at will. This means that as your business expands and contracts you will easily be able to change your disaster recovery provisions without having to invest a great deal of money into new backups.

Source: http://www.techworld.com.au/article/522403/cloud_computing_causing_rethinking_disaster_recovery/