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Caffeine – the other vitamin C

Latte, long black, cappuccino, macchiato, whatever you prefer, a lot of business can be done over a cup of coffee.

With the thriving coffee culture at Kiandra we wanted to be able to create the perfect cup – so the Admin team took part in an “ABC-of-espresso-making” course to hone our barista skills.

Who knew there were so many different factors that could affect the flavor of the bean? After a brief history of bean origins, and lesson on the differences between Robusta and Arabica, we learnt the steps to extracting a perfect espresso – from storage, to grinding, to the formation of that perfect dark liquid with crema. Once we mastered the extraction process, and after a quick break (where we indulged in some delicious Lemon Mango Cheesecake much to Laura’s delight) it was back to the machines to learn about the milk texturing process.

When it comes to texturing milk, screeching and squealing are not the sounds you want to hear (a faint ‘tsk’ or kissing noise is all that is needed)! Then came the moment Jess had been waiting for all night, Latte Art!  Between the swift wiggling and fast pouring, there was a lot of spilt milk during this part of the class, but between the Admin team we managed a few artistic love hearts and some squiggly ferns. Let’s just say more practice is required!

Our newfound knowledge and expertise in all things espresso has led to a renewed appreciation for our morning baristas, and has given us a new perspective on what to look for in the quality of coffee to best reflect Kiandra.