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Building a Customer Relationship With a Mobile App

You only have to step out of your front door to see how highly addicted consumers are to their smartphones and tablets. Whether on the train, the streets or in a restaurant, mobile devices are quickly taking over people’s lives.

According to Computer World, many companies are jumping on this trend and are deploying strategic apps as a way to better engage with the consumer. Companies can promote products or services to customers any time, anywhere and in a way that best suits a customer’s individual needs.

While this is ideal for businesses, it presents challenges to enterprise technologists.

In a continually changing landscape of operating environments, IT is tasked with creating apps that support a wide range of platforms. They are also expected to deliver these apps in record time.

According to mobile analyst Chris Silva, specialist mobile strategist groups are still quite new and IT departments are having to prove their worth at mobile app development. However, the opportunity that such apps offer in building a strong customer relationship means the investment is worth it.