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Best Practice Security Guidelines for the Cloud Get an Update

When it comes to the cloud, there’s a need for strong security measures to be in place. The Cloud Security Alliance’s list of best practices for secure cloud computing helps to keep businesses aware of how to stay protected against potential risks.

In a recent update to their guidelines, as listed in their Cloud Control Matrix (CCM), mobile security was the latest big concern, reported TechWorld.

Sean Cordero, who helped create the CCM guidelines, explained that as so many people are now accessing the cloud through a mobile device it’s important that security measure take this into account.

One tip from the Alliance is to introduce a definitive mobile use protocol within a company and to ensure that everyone stands by it. This particularly comes into place when using BYOD.

Issues around supply chain management also prompted an update to the CCM. The CSA recommended that customers be aware of how data is managed by their provider and whether or not they are working with third parties. The more providers handling your data, the higher security risk involved.