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Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support and Maintenance

Many businesses are realising the benefits of outsourcing their IT support and maintenance. IT outsourcing can reduce business costs through efficiencies and economies of scale, and can eliminate the need for large scale investment in IT infrastructure, which is needed to remain competitive in the modern marketplace.

Cost savings

By far the biggest benefit of outsourcing IT is the cost savings a business can make in several important areas. These include:

– Savings through improved productivity measures
– Savings through only employing expertise on an as-needed basis
– Savings from reduced system hardware and storage space if moving to a Cloud model.


Another big advantage of having an offsite company provide IT support is the wealth of expertise you gain access to. While your IT department may be highly skilled, no one can specialise in everything. Bringing in outside expertise when needed can add a wealth of new skills and experience to the mix and make problem solving and project development a more effective collaborative effort.

Outsourced IT can also assist in the development of a variety of different business solutions including web and mobile application development, Internet commerce capabilities, user experience services, workflow automation and collaboration and social networking solutions.

Security and stability

The likelihood of data loss is greatly reduced when it is stored in the cloud because if a business experiences a local data loss through flood, fire or other mishap, it can be quickly recovered.

An outsourced IT provider can help you migrate your data to the cloud and can then maintain and administer it for you. Outsourced IT can also assist with other security tasks including installing and configuring firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, internet filtering and monitoring software and disaster recovery solutions.


If and when you decide to outsource some or all of your IT support, it’s important to look for a provider who is proactive rather than reactive. A good IT support company doesn’t simply maintain your IT. They offer a range of peripheral products and services and they actively advise and collaborate with your inhouse IT department, with the sole aim of growing your business through improved technology.

As well as these qualities, you should look for an IT company that has a solid history of success, established business partnerships with leading IT vendors and appropriate certification that shows a commitment to quality management and industry best practices. Having an IT solutions partner like this can make a huge difference to your business, giving it the competitive edge it needs to grow into the future.