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Be Prepared for These Top Five IT Security Threats

A study on the expansion and evolution of cybercrime revealed the top five threats to IT cyber security – all of which are interrelated.

Data breach

This allows cybercriminals to use stolen data to create elaborate “phishing” attacks. These attacks essentially trick the victim into providing sensitive data such as credit card details.


If the victim is lured to a malicious site, malware will be downloaded onto the victim’s device. This is known as “drive-by downloading”.


Around 7000 DDoS attacks occur each day, with the issue reportedly becoming more and more common.

Mobile threats

These provide perhaps the greatest growing vulnerability. In 2012, mobile threats increased by 163% with 700 million smartphones sold.

Industrialisation of fraud

As banks and corporations automate their transactions, so do cybercriminals. This widens the impact of fraudulent activity and makes it easier for fraud rings to communicate and exchange information.

Source: http://www.infosecurity-magazine.com/view/33152/the-top-five-it-security-cyber-threats-are/