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Authoring and Time Management

When you work full-time developing software, regularly present at industry conferences and events, dedicate a large portion of your time evangelising about all things Windows Phone, and are a committed PluralSight author….you need to know a thing or two about time management!

That’s why it’s no shock to us that Lars Klint was selected to present at the upcoming PluralSight Author’s Conference in Salt Lake City on Authoring and Time Management.

Lars will share his tips for getting the most out of every day, and having time to do more things than you ever thought possible. He will draw on lessons he has learnt from managing a four hour commute every day, a full time job, his own business, speaking engagements, blogging, maintaining a fleet of 8 cars, and family including an autistic 8-year old, a dog and two cats.

If you’re not a PluralSight author never fear – I’m sure we can convince Lars to do this presentation at one of our K-Nights! Keep your eyes on our events page or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop.