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App or Website for Mobile Business?

Every business knows that they need to have a mobile presence now that smartphones and mobile devices are so abundant, but determining how best to go about this is harder to understand.

Many smaller companies with limited budgets are moving towards responsive websites rather than apps because they are more affordable. However, it’s essential to actually think about the needs of your business.


Knowing whether you need an app should be logical. An app should offer a very clear value proposition to the end user. If you meet most clients in face-to-face situations then you probably do not need an app. If, on the other hand, you have a website with existing logins and personal accounts then a dedicated app can be very useful for your customers.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites can be cheaper and easier to produce, but they will not necessarily offer all you need. For a restaurant the geo-tagging capabilities and the dial-from-screen features will work well, but these features may not be enough for your business if you want customers to properly engage with the site.

A combination of the two can work well. Starting with a mobile web design that works across a variety of platforms is best. Mashable’s Christina Warren then recommended investing in developing a native app for users. She explained that mobile users often trust apps more than responsive sites for making purchases with their phones.

Source: http://mashable.com/2013/08/06/responsive-vs-native-app/