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All in on Windows 10!

Hi, its Mal here. I am the Service Delivery Manager at Kiandra and last week I went all in on Windows 10!

I ran up a virtual PC image on my Apple MacBook Air in VMWare fusion and deployed the “Insider Preview” version of Windows 10.

First impressions were great! At first glance we have performance, familiar functionality from Windows 8 and 8.1, a reduced welcome screen (thankfully) that appears as part of the start menu, and a super easy setup process for my live account.

Initial navigation is good and there is a “notifications” menu that can be viewed and minimised as needed. One of the best features (in my opinion) is a control panel, located in the notifications screen, containing small control buttons for:

  • Tablet mode
  • Airplane mode
  • VPN and a few others (I am yet to play with these)

Windows 10

I then added my PC to our domain, installed Webroot protection (AV as a service) and logged in with no issues at all! I got all my printers and shared drives mapped, tested printing which worked without fuss, installed Office 2013 Pro and fired up Outlook to connect to our Office 365 service. I then added two pieces of software we use religiouslyfor our IT Service Management (which worked instantly) and BOOM away I went.

I have been running with it for about a week now and all is good. Microsoft announced this week that Windows 10 for PC will be available on July 29, so check back in a couple of weeks for my next round of hopefully positive, Windows 10 news.